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We are highly acknowledged for offering supreme quality Patent registration services. Patent is an act which grants its’ inventor, the right of exploiting its object exclusively, during a given time period.

It helps in stimulating the development of new technologies and also guarantees the investor's exploitation rights. The patent provides the user exclusive rights over his object; and this right is ultimately incorporated to the assets of a company. It is really helpful to the company for defining market strategies needed to hit the public target. However, patent rights are granted, only on the fulfillment of some requirements such as:

Industrial applicability, inventive act and novelty with regard to the technological knowledge already disclosed.

Due to the creative efforts in the technical field, the inventor who has the document named "Patent Letter" also holds the temporary exploitation monopoly of his creation; which ultimately guarantees him a sort of market reserve.

Our patent department consists of patent attorneys and experts in the field of patenting. They can handle various legal matters related to patents including drafting specifications, patent attorney, patent applications, licensing etc.

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