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CE Marking is a symbol of product safety. This is a product certification for certain products to be sold in European union. The letters "CE" are the abbreviation of French phrase "Conformité Européene" which literally means "European Conformity".  Initially used term was "EC Mark" and later on "CE Marking" officially replaced it in the Directive 93/68/EEC in 1993. "Now CE Marking" is used in all EU official documents.

CE Marking is a specific procedure that is to be ensured for a wide variety of products and one, which manufacturers located in the EU or importers of goods into the EU must complete. The CE mark is affixed to the product as the final stage of this procedure and is effectively a statement
from the manufacturer (or importer) that the process has been successfully completed and that the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant CE marking Directives.

CE Marking can be obtained through several modules. One of the most practical ways, which is preferred by many EU importers who are neither specialized in the complicated CE Marking process nor willing to take risk, is that the manufacturer designates an Authorized Representative in the EU member states who will handle the CE Mark approval, CE testing issues and ensure to meet the CE mark requirements, meanwhile the importers and/or distributors focus on the marketing and sales of the products.

The manufacturer may need only one authorized representative in EU whereas may have many importers and/or distributors. The Authorized Representative may in some cases register the product(s) in the EU member states and thus obtain a Certificate of Registration.

The Product Certificate of Registration for CE Marking obtained from one EU member state is valid for the entire EFTA plus EU market, i.e. 30 countries.

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