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Company Incorporation

Small is beautiful but a small unincorporated organization led by an Individual cannot assume growth on large scale without corporatising itself. Conversion of a Proprietorship firm into a Company is known as Corporatisation. Corporatisation has its own advantages such as Limited Liability, Perpetual Succession, Transferability of shares, easy access to funds etc.

Steps in Company Incorporation (Private/Public):

Step No.





Documents required Self attested:
• Address proof
• Identity proof


DIN Approved DIN is a pre-requisite for incorporation process

Apply for DIN and get a provisional DIN
·Certification/Attestation of Director’s
personal details
·Sending the same to the DIN Cell and getting it approve


Pre- Name Application Search

·The Promoters have to provide atleast 6 (Six) names in the order of priority.
·To make an online search of availability of names as desired by the Promoters


Application for Name Availability
·   6 names for the proposed Company
·   Main Object Clause

To draft the Main Object Clause to be pursued by the Company after incorporation.


Representations before RoC on behalf of Promoters

Changes to be made in the Name application, if any, suggested by the RoC


Documents required
·   Printing of Altered Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA / AOA)
Other Forms like:
• Form 32
• Form 18
• Form1
• Letter of Authority/PoA

Drafting the MOA & AOA and after getting it vetted by Promoters, sending it for printing. • Processing of eForms: Stamping of documents namely:
• AOA 
• Letter of Authority/PoA
• Form1


Final Process:
Filing all the above documents with the ROC, follow up with the ROC, making changes to the MOA / AOA/otherIncorporation 
documents as suggested by the ROC.

• Online uploading of e-Forms
• Payment of Registration fees
• Collecting the Certificate of Incorporation

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